I am a photographer living in Inverness, Scotland. Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, I moved to Scotland in 2005 to be closer to spectacular scenery and wildlife. I have not been disappointed at all, because the beauty of the Highlands is very inspiring.

From a young age I became interested in Photography. First holiday snapshots, but then I bought an SLR and was determined to figure out this mysterious world of apertures and shutter speeds. I took photography classes and this helped me getting started. Photography really became my passion after I had an accident and I was only able to walk very short distances for quite a few years. It forced me to make the most of every metre I could walk and taking photos helped me doing this. Later on I switched to a digital SLR and this sped up the whole photography learning process. Working full-time, I use holidays, weekends and summer evenings to go out and try to capture Scotland's treasures.

My main focus is wildlife and nature, although I can see interesting colours, structures and patterns in other subject as well. I am inspired by the world around me and I hope my photos convey some of this inspiration to you.


(Photo by Annemieke de Booijs)